Hi there and welcome to my cake world.
I am so happy you found me and I hope to serve you many delicious cakes ahead.

I am a Swedish cake nerd who has travelled and lived around the world with my family. Before our move to lovely Vienna, we lived in the Netherlands where I also had my own cake business. I love to bake and have always had a passion for flavor, texture & design. In the Netherlands, I took the PME Master Diploma in Sugarcraft. Here in Vienna Cakes by Jovanna is a home bakery with an approved kitchen and I also have an Individuelle Befähigung für Motivtorten & Cupcakes

So what are you looking for? I am here to meet your cake needs. Maybe you are short of time and need a beautiful cake fast, then I suggest you visit my Standard Cake page with set designs and price which are super easy to order. Or maybe you want a unique cake made according to your distinct wishes, then my Custom Made cakes are something for you. There you can also find information on Wedding cakes. If Cupcakes are your thing you have definitely come to the right place. Maybe you like baking yourself but need help with the decorations, then my cake and cupcake toppers are for you. Furthermore, if you are interested to learn different baking/decorating skills yourself, or to have a cupcake party for your child, I hold different types of workshops. For more information regarding Workshops click here.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for please send me an email at cakesbyjovanna@gmail.com . I am sure we can solve it in a delicious way!